Phone Spam

I’m getting an increasing number of calls at work for people trying to flog what is mostly useless and irrelevant crap to us. An alarming number of these calls start with a very nice person on the other end saying “Hi, my name is X from Y, and this is just a courtesy call to let you know about Z crappy and/or irrelevant product”.

Note to cold call marketers: I’m all for being polite, but please, don’t pretend that these calls are a “courtesy”. They’re a PITA, and they chew up way too much of my time. Do you research and contact someone who might be interested in your product. If it’s a media related call, look up our website before you call, and note that we explicitly state a media contact on our site for such calls, and don’t waste my time.

Argh! I start the day with over 2000 spam messages, and I’ve received two calls already from clueless, albeit pleasantly polite (in that psychopathic kinda scary way), people trying to flog their wares. Not happy Jan!