Gig Tonight

Keep meaning to mention – I’m playing a gig (on bass) with some friends tonight at the Bat & Ball Hotel.

Should be fun! Ashley is coming down from Brisbane (I think for an ATC meeting) which will be tops too. Tomorrow we have our first Glance rehearsal in a while. It’s shaping up to be a good weekend indeed.

Screwy feeds

Seems something strange is going on with the ALP feeds. I’ll try and have a look at this tomorrow. Basically, the links to the articles aren’t working correctly. I suppose this is the problem with screen scraping. At least the problem seems reasonably consistent, so hopefully that will help with tracking it down…

TV News

I have often sung the praises of SBS in the past, but tonight I was a bit taken aback. In what was supposed to be financial news we get two stories – one about a bribery claim by the interim Iraqi governing council against some high profile politicians.

The next was an article about the trendiest new virus (MyDoom for reference) that is doing in mail servers around the world – propogated by no less than Micro$oft’s wonderful work at securing Windows. The report also stated that the virus is designed to attack Microsoft and SCO. Last time I checked (read: just now) the virus is designed to attack SCO. I have not seen a report anywhere that the virus is to attack Microsoft. This is bad reporting at best. Perhaps they were referrring to Microsoft’s stake in SCO, but that wasn’t clear.

Correction: Seems a new strain has appeared.

To top this all off, they recommend upgrading your virus software, while giving a big endorsement for Norton’s Anti-Virus by clearly showing the Norton’s brand name in the piece. I hope that you charged for that SBS – it was a bit too obvious.

Now, both of these items were news worthy – but finance? I don’t think so.

But, alas, I turn over to channel 10 and the news highlights tell us about all that’s important in the world today. Not mentioning Latham’s speech (what appears to be a transcript is here) which seems to be getting a lot of attention. Not the Hutton report. Not David Kay’s report. No – the weather of course. Snow in the US. Floods in Melbourne. I don’t know why I even bother wrestling with TV news anymore. I should’ve given up long ago.

All that bitching aside, there is a good Insight forum coming up on terrorism – it seems the panel is going to be pretty controversial if some rumours I have heard are true. Keep an eye out for it…

Innocent Bystanders

Cole Cambell on PressThink:

“Who created the frontrunner dethroned in Iowa for a new front runner? It was the campaign press. But on the morning after, the campaign press pretends it does not exist.”

This article is right on the money…

Not good enough

The Australian Democrats: Labor raises the bar even higher.

“Labors so called new position doesnt end mandatory detention, it blatantly ignores the UNHCRs stand on protection, it ignores our obligations under international conventions and it ignores the effects of granting only short term protection to people fleeing persecution, torture and trauma.”

Age of Empire

Josh Marshall: Power Rangers. In Marshall’s words, a “review essay on the new literature of empire”. Fascinating read.

Two choice quotes:

“The empire-makers of 2002 weakened America’s covert empire because, at a critical level, they didn’t understand how it worked.”

“Rising disapproval from abroad doesn’t lead Frum and Perle to question their policies. It just confirms them in the belief that America has even more enemies than it realized.”