International justice

BBC: Milosevic to face Nato adversary.

Apparently, Wesley Clark is to testify against Milosevic. This paragraph caught my attention:

“His testimony is part of an unprecedented deal between the tribunal and the US Government.

Washington will be given two days to apply for parts of the testimony considered to harm national interests to be removed from public records.”

Does this mean that the U.S has been given permission to edit the public record of Clark’s testimony if the U.S deems something he says as problematic? If so, what an extrordinary subversion of the justice process. It’s the same type of deal the U.S is trying to strike with every state and their dog with regards to the International Criminal Court. This is nothing new, of course, but it seems to reinforce the view that the U.S believes it is above the (international) law.


The Guardian has some more info on Clark’s testimony.