Tax cuts

Mr. Howard – we don’t need no stinking tax cuts (and I use the word “stinking” in more ways than one). Put the surplus into public services, the services that most Australian’s want and need. And if you’re going to cut taxes – how ’bout instead of giving handouts to the rich you instead scrap the superannuation taxes.

Or hey, even better, how ’bout you ditch the exhorbitant taxing of second jobs and instead tax a person based on their entire income, instead of slugging second jobs at the highest marginal tax rate (48.5%). This would do more to incentivise people to work than cuts for the highest tax bracket – how many rich people do you know that have second jobs? By taxing at the normal rate across the entire income will also not allow the rich loopholing their way into lower taxes either.

The unfortunate thing is that Latham has hinted at the same rise in the highest tax rate as part of his “ladder of opportunity” spiel. Although it seems his tune has changed recently. Worrying…