Outlandish Josh: The Big One.

The entire post resonated with me, but some highlights:

On ambition:

“There’s an element of potential madness to any ambition. Some people have vision, others visions. It’s a fine line. We’re in this to affect the 2004 election and something more, but why? And what happens afterwards? You say you want a revolution…

How radical are we? Are we for the elimination of poverty? Global equality? Are we for a cultural shift that moves away from television, fear and blind consumption and towards something else?”

On internet people:

“See, internet people aren’t glued to their screens the same way as couch potatoes. We probably spend a lot of time in front of the keyboard, but the whole thing is ultimately a driver of experience, not a flickering electronic sedative. We’re hungry to do things, to make things, to have feelings and thoughts.”

On connecting people:

“Forget opening new markets to Wall-Mart; let’s go build fuel-cell powered internet hookups in Africa, start a whole new thing.”

(I’m up for that, btw. In addition to the Laos article i mentioned today, I also read an article a few months back on how the shortwave radio network was being used to connect remote communities in PNG with other communities in the region – for social and educational purposes. That inspired me and said to me that yes, in fact, technology, when applied appropriately, can make a positive difference.)