Weekend gigs

Amy asks the obvious question: WTF was the Annandale thinking putting Bruce Springsteen on before Bluebottle Kiss?

The gig (on Saturday night) was absolutely brilliant though. Ben went off for the first time in ages and it really seemed to lift the entire band. The energy was soooooo huge. Everyone in the, slightly dissappointing, crowd was going off (myself included). Lots from the new album, Come Across, played with a passion and energy lacking from the past few shows I’ve seen. Drum kits were dissected, guitars were flying, and it was just brilliant. Rock at it’s absolute best! I’m sure last night was just as good.

Tonight we’re at the Hopetoun to see Districts Fall and Ollie (from Art of Fighting) for what will no doubt be another great gig. (Another big music week for me – yippee!)