Studio time

I’ve been in the studio all weekend with my band, Glance, mixing down our new EP. The whole weekend went really well. It’s the first time we’ve mixed anything in ProTools, and it was really interesting and inspiring for me to see how the process would work in the digital domain (although there was a a certain amount done using outboard gear like compressors and eqs, most of the levels and panning were handled in ProTools directly).

What amazed me was that David Trump, our mix engineer (who was absolutely awesome I might add), wasn’t using a surface, or the latest gear – the system we were using was a 3 year old G3 Mac with ProTools 5.1, without any kind of surface, just a keyboard and a mouse. It just goes to show that having the latest and greatest is never the most important part of the process.

We picked up a firewire drive for the occasion, and Ice Cube 120GB, and it worked a charm, and was ridiculously cheap – AUD$360. We still have 110GB left to work with! And what’s even better is it works perfectly with my PowerBook G4. As a result we are really excited about the prospect of recording demos using a studio for drum tracking and doing everything else over time outside the studio.

The only problem is I decided on Logic Audio when I set up my home system (because I wanted the extra MIDI capacity and audio instrument support) which uses a different file format to ProTools. So I’m going to have to work out a way to get ProTools software (which is only available with ProTools hardware) on my system. I’m thinking I might trade-in my wonderful M-Audio Duo for an M-Box, just so that I can work in ProTools on the audio side. (Of course it’d be awesome to get a Digi002 rackmount, but that’s kinda out of my price range).

Anyways, the results from the weekend have left us all really happy, and we’ll be posting some samples to the Glance site soon. We’ve also mocked up some artwork ideas (based on photos from the most excellent Amy which we’re really excited about too.