I know where you live…

Jim Moore posts an interesting note he received about localising blogs by including geographical information in the header of your pages. I can see how this would be beneficial in some ways, and I find the whole concept interesting. GeoURL.org provides pointers to some tools that help you on your way.

One such resource is Multimap.com, which can map many countries down to the street level. Here’s the map of my suburb.

Although it might be interesting to know the locations of blogs, two issues come up for me. The first is that the location information is only relevant to where you are currently living, which means old posts on your blog (which for me go back a while) do not represent the context in which they were written. Minor issue really, but can put a kink in the benefit of “locating’ a blog.

Secondly is a question of security – if I wanted to (or didn’t know any better), I could include the geographical information of where I live to within 100 metres of my house. What if I say something that pisses someone off and they decide they want to pay me a visit – they could narrow down to my street, and then the could check out my photo, and I could have an unwelcome stranger on my doorstep.

But take this a step further – who needs to supoena my personal details from my ISP when you can work out my street from my blog? Sure, those details could be dug up from any number of sources, but it seems to me that in many cases it’s not such a good idea to encourage people to post their address on the website, so be careful when posting geographical information on your blog to keep the granularity coarse enough to not give too much away.

That might sound paranoid, but stranger things have happened.