Big music week

I’m having a big music week this week. Almost feels like I’m a musician again! Rehearsals last Saturday and Sunday, a gig last night (which was heaps of fun and seemed to go really well judging from the comments once we got off stage – from people that know to tell us we suck when we do btw – amy posts a pic), a rehearsal tomorrow night, picking up the transfers for our new EP on Friday day and checking out Big Heavy Stuff on Friday night launching their new CD Dear Friends and Enemies, then a gig on Saturday to help raise cash for FBI Radio, then rehearsal again on Sunday!

COOL! Feels great (if not exhausting!)

Oh, and I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but I have to: I’m listening to some rough demos by The Devoted Few and loving every second! I can’t wait ’till the real deal is recorded – it will be an absolute must for the collection once it’s out!