Page slap

Joi Ito: Becoming a cranky old man.

I must be a cranky young man 😉 A very interesting piece, but one comment stood out for me:

“The problem with a dinner conversation is usually there is some alcohol involved which clouds memory (access to facts stored in cranky old brain) and logical thinking, and you can’t page slap people with your previous arguments. As a cranky old man last night I realized how difficult it was for me to have casual conversation about a hot button topic and how difficult it was to have a rigorous discussion about complicated topics when I didn’t have access to a method of providing context.”

I have noticed myself doing a bit of “page slapping” lately. A friend was commenting on an issue I had covered in some previous musings here, and I threw him a few URLs pulled off the blog. I find without some of those references I’m kinda lost when discussing more complicated and nuanced issues.