Day 3

This is Kings Beach in Caloundra at dusk. Just missed the sun set behind the buildings, but still a beautiful sight. I spent the afternoon with my good friend Maree, and we sat on a rock ledge sipping champagne as we watch the sun go down on this view. Absolutely magic!


Kings Beach is my favourite swimming beach – always great waves. Walking around the rocks to Shelly Beach was a favourite past-time too. It was the “lovers lane” I suppose – a sheltered spot, often deserted. Making love in the back seat of a car. Then chiling out and watching the beach until the wee hours of the morning.

I remember my folks used to pick me up after school to go down to Kings Beach for a swim in summer. We’d spend an hour and then head home. It was wonderful. I remember it being wonderful for two reasons – it was a time when I wasn’t aware of the trouble between my parents that would eventually see them separate and divorce, and it was a new and exciting experience.

Before long we stopped going down there after school. We grew to simply accept these wonderful beaches as just part of the landscape, nothing particularly extraordinary. This trip has been different; I think for the first time in many, many years I’ve actually recognised the beauty of this place. Rediscovering that feeling that I had in those first years in a new place. Hopefully I won’t ever take it forgranted again.