Day 2

I went up to Mooloolaba to my favourite spot at the Esplanade. Didn’t get to use WiFi, because I wanted to go for a swim and didn’t want to leave my laptop unattended on the beach. There is an awesome cafe/restaurant there called Raw Energy. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone that loves good, healthy food that tastes great. Today I experienced their breakfast menu – it was absolutely brilliant. And their fresh juice drinks are just divine.


There is a place on the Esplanade called The Loo With A View. The council have utilised the roof of the toilet/shower block to create a lookout with a beutiful view of the beach. Despite the “No Skateboards” sign prominently displayed I was glad to see a group of kids doing some wicked moves on the steps there.

When I was playing in the school jazz band (called the Stage band) we used to make an annual pilgramage to play atop the Loo With A View. It was always a blast to play there looking out onto this fabulous beach.