ITunes, Now for the Rest of Us

With his usual razzmatazz, Apple’s Steve Jobs introduces the iTunes music download service for Windows PCs. He also announces marketing campaigns with Pepsi and AOL that could wean people off the illegal stuff. Leander Kahney reports from San Francisco. [Wired News]

A friend of mine who has envied my Mac since I got it is stoked to have iTunes for PC at work. He has been a WinAmp fan for years, and seems really happy with the program, despite it being a little resource hungry.

I’m a fan of iTunes for a number of reasons, for being able to really easily convert studio recordings to mp3, burn CDs, but probably most of all because iTunes gives me back my rights by allowing me to rip my legally purchased EMI copy protected CDs. No other mp3 program I know can do that.

I really hope that Apple is successful with this, because it might just allow digital music distribution the opportunity it needs to become a reality.