Went and saw Lamb at the Metro in Sydney last night. I was a bit apprehensive about going because I went to see them last time they were out for their first show ever in Australia and it was simply amazing, awesome, inspiring and incredible. I am an absolutely massive fan of Ani DiFranco, and that concert is on par with the first time I saw Ani perform live. And I really don’t say that lightly.

So, a close friend of mine travelled down from Brisbane to see the show, and we arrived about 20 mins before Lamb took the stage.

I was not disappointed. It was, in a word:


Apparently the Tuesday night show, which was sold out by the time I got tickets, was plagued with technical problems. But the show last night was flawless. The energy of the band, which was reflected by the energy of the crowd, and then back again, was awe inspiring. When the band returned for their second encore the sound coming from the crowd was overpowering the PA! Everybody was soooooooo pumped. My arms are sore and my throat is raw from clapping, dancing and cheering…

For anyone that hasn’t heard of the band, check them out immediately. Get up from your computer. Go to your nearest quality record store, and buy all of their albums. Then go back next week and get their new one. And next time their in town, don’t miss them. It’s absolutely worth it.