Personal Integration

I find myself in a confusing position. As a musician, a technologist, a business owner, and a social justice campaigner I seem to be leading numerous lives at once. And I often find that they are somewhat contradictory. Each competes for my time. Each requires different skills and approaches. Each involves working with different people in different communities.

I’ve always felt that my challenge was how to work out how to manage my time so that all of these different lives could co-exist. Lately, however, a different theme has been emerging – that of integration.

It all started when the most obvious of ideas – given my background, skills and interest – popped into my head. This idea has started to take shape in the form of huméco, a fair trade fashion label. I see huméco as having the potential of integrating at least two of those lives, that of business owner and social justice campaigner. And who knows, the technologist might even get a bit of a run too. I don’t wuite know how music fits into the picture, perhaps huméco might offer the flexibility to allow me to pursue music more, but that might just be me dreaming 😉

However, I’m not there yet. The challenge still seems to be how I can pave the way for huméco to succeed while I am building NETaccounts (my current business), while I’m recording an EP and playing in a band. That’s not to mention the other aspects of my life, that seem never to take focus.

To do this sustainably and incrementally is very hard for me as I am someone who diesn’t like to wait for things. I find it difficult to build things over time, I want to do, and have everything as quickly as possible. And I constantly pay for this character trait – missed opportunities, burn out, money mispent, all adding up.

I don’t think I have an answer at the moment, just really needed to vent I suppose.