Pet hates about websites

One thing that really bugs me (although it’s not a huge drama in the scheme of things) – product websites that don’t include a “Pricing” link, but instead include “Buy” links everywhere. (I’m not the only person in my office that finds this annoying.)

The question I ask in my head when I see this is “If I click this link, am I going to be taken to some secure server to enter my details, or to a pricing page, or what?”

One site, for a conference, has “register” links everywhere, with no listing of the price. Click on the “register” link takes you to a page that asks you to fill in the price! What’s up with that?! Now, maybe this was some new “self-pricing” system where you choose, but somehow I don’t think so. (After digging around other pages on the site I eventually found a price, but only because I was so intrigued by the whole affair.)

So, my advice to anyone thinking of putting a product site together – make sure you have a clearly labelled “Pricing” page on the site. In your main nav bar, and accessible from your home page. Even if your product is free – put the link in and say “this is free”, stating any relative terms and conditions. It will save your audience a little bit of time, and help your potential customers find the information they’re after.