Reading the articles mentioned in the last two posts has really pissed me off. And reading them I think of the current free-trade agreements being negotiated with the US and China by the Australian Government (and other governments around the world), and I know that in a few months time we are also going to get screwed, just not to the same degree.

I am in the process (along with some colleagues) of building a fair trade business in the garment/clothing industry, and I feel that it is going to be completely meaningless if the governments of the richer nations keep screwing over those with lesser economic clout or political stability. We have gone down this path to it’s natural extreme.

Terrorists aren’t the only fundamentalists that are wreaking havoc across the globe. Market fundamentalists are doing greater long term damage to societies, to people, and to the environment than any terrorist group could hope to achieve. And this does kill people, in Congo, in Africa, in poor and developing countries the world over. The list is too long. And even rich nations are not immune – Australian farmers are also screwed over by US and EU tarrifs and subsidies.

If this is reported in the daily news, it will be a short-lived spotlight. Then we’ll move on to the next so-called pressing issue (like how Elle got back in shape). The disconnect between public perception of these events and the issues of terrorism, poverty and the refugee crisis (and by crisis I don’t mean the trickle that the Australian government has wrongfully imprisoned in island hell-holes – but the massive floods of refugees numbering in the millions elsewhere in the world) is staggering. If these other issues are to be remedied at all, a radical shift in government, and by extension their corporate sponsors, policy has to take place in rich nations across the world. It will only get worse from here.