WiFi and Bluetooth

My new laptop is WiFi enabled (wireless networking), so I have been seeking out WiFi hotspots in Sydney. I found this site which is accurate at least, I’m not sure if it’s complete though. Unfortunately it seems that the cost of WiFi access is a bitt steep at the moment. The two networks I have looked into – Optus and Azure – are both expensive (>$10/hour), and Optus requires that you establish an account with them.

Note to commercial WiFi providers – if you’re going to require people to “sign-up” to your network, get your act together and create a centrally managed registration and billing process that all of you share. A WiFi subscriber then only has to create one account, and one set of logon details, to access any WiFi network. Work it on a “pre-paid” usage basis, and provide a page that allows the user to see the available credit for their account when they are signed in.

Oh, and reduce your pricing to