Lawsuits for kids

The Register: RIAA keeps 12-year-old quiet with $2,000 bill.

“After signing the soothing settlement, however, she expressed regret at having harmed the precious artists.

It’s okay, Brianna, don’t worry. Fox manufactures new artists every few months. The new ones won’t know that you committed the naughty act of trying to listen to their music.”

Law suits for 12-year olds… hmm… oh yeh – that’s right, trading songs is theft. I wonder if K-mart is going to start suing 12-year old shop-lifters? I wonder if the RIAA explained to Brianna that the money the record co’s make from the lawsuit don’t actually go to the artists, but instead are considered “other income” which stay firmly in the record co’s bank account? Nah, didn’t think so.