Refugee attacks

Read this a second ago: Democrats Seek to Prevent Latest Government attack on Refugees.

What the government is trying to do here is not only sickening, it is against international law, and is totally unfounded. If you are in doubt about it’s lawlessness, have a read of the UN Convention on the Rights of Refugees.

Article 7. 1. states: “Except where this Convention contains more favourable provisions, a Contracting State shall accord to refugees the same treatment as is accorded to aliens generally.”

If the government is planning to impose TPVs on all refugees, as the Democrats claim:

“Democrats’ Leader, Senator Andrew Bartlett, said new laws introduced by the Government will only give temporary visas to refugees who seek protection while in Australia. This will prevent legitimate refugees getting permanent protection and prevent them from bringing their families to safety in Australia.”

then this is a clear breach of this provision.