Now We The People – Day 1

Today was excellent – really good info, great discussions, and no fat heads (certainly not in the group I was involved in). There was a general session at the start of the day with really articulate and empassioned speakers. Very cool! I’m glad to see the two parliamentarians on the panel, Kerry Nettle from the Greens and Tanya Plibersek from Labor were really with it.

The highlight of the day for me was the session entitled “How the people are left out – the challenge to renew Australian democracy and the Constitution”. All of the speakers were excellent, but I was inspired by Lyn Carlson’s talk more than most. Lyn talked about participatory democracy, giving citizens a voice in the political decision making process. She has a website titled Active Democracy that contains some of her writings. Haven’t had a chance to check it all out yet, but if it’s anything like her talk they’ll be well worth the read.