It’s not the users, part 2

Diego follows up on his previous post.

Again, I agree pretty much with everything he says. Just would like to comment on the statement “Putting on the seatbelt is easy. Installing, maintaining, and updating AV software is hard. And expensive. The seatbelt comes built in. Easy to use. And it just works. AV software is a long way from that.”

Case in point, one of my co-workers made the mistake of installing McAfee’s Internet Security package. I’ve made this mistake myself before. One day later, and a complete re-install of Windows (as this fries the machine and uninstalling does absolutely squat) the computer is back up and running, and still no virus software installed.

McAfee Software – $100
Time to install software – $25
Time to re-install Windows because AV software fries machine – $400

So, $525 later, my colleague is still no better off.

And the other variant of McAfee virus software (the online version) won’t run properly on a machine with Mozilla installed as it’s default browser.

Now, none of this is Microsoft’s fault. But to expect a new computer user to be able to deal with these headaches is a joke. The first line of defence, as Diego points out, is to stop blaming users and work harder at fixing the holes. Then these other things can come into play.