Musical Voice

I have been playing bass guitar for half of my life, literally. In that time I’ve gotten to be pretty proficient at it, and I have my own style and sound, and I’m pretty happy with what I can do on a bass.

But something strange happened at rehearsal the other day. I was playing a song, just like any other song, and half-way through I felt as though the sound that I was making with my bass was my voice. Like my fingers were quite literally singing. Like I was singing the notes, but they were coming out of an amplifier.

It is a really strange feeling to describe, and I haven’t quite got my head around it. For years I had an insatiable urge to write songs (typically on acoustic guitar) and sing, but since the other day that urge hasn’t been as strong. It’s almost as if I’ve finally come to realise that playing bass is my musical home.

That probably sounds kinda wierd and new age-y and stuff, but it’s what I’m feeling. And it’s a nice place to be…

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