Is it the user’s fault?

Diego Doval: it’s not the users.

I agree largely with the sentiment in Diego’s post. I’ve been extremely lucky not to have been hit with Sobig (touch wood), but we have been hit with other viruses and worms in the past (including one of our home computers being hit via the RPC hole found recently).

There is a case for educating users about viruses and to not open attachments. Over time you can actually pick a virus a mile away. But, as Diego contends, a new user shouldn’t have to worry about these things. And software developers need to do better on this front.

As an aside, the fact that Microsoft OSs keep getting hit is in two parts – one, the security of Microsoft products is wanting, to say the least. (I too, just yesterday, was incredulous that a class action lawsuit hasn’t been launched.) But the second, and this I think is missed a lot of the time, they are the biggest single target for virus authors, and they have the biggest single installed base of desktop (home and business) OSs on the planet. This exacerbates the situation immensely. I do honestly believe that if Mac OS or Linux was in Microsoft’s position, we would be experiencing a similar level (but I should be clear – not the same level) of security issues that we have with Microsoft.