Been busy lately – and no computer at home has been a blessing and a curse.

Notable mentions:

  • Going to the Now We The People conference on Saturday.
  • Had a gig last week at the Annandale – had a ball!
  • The “Who Left The Tap On” benefit gig for Friends of the Earth that I am organising is taking shape – confirmed for Sept 10 at the Vic on the Park (Enmore). The Accidents, Women of Troy, Oblique and Glance will all be playing.
  • I know have a digital camera all my own (through a series of fluke events) – I’ll be sure to post some photos once I’ve taken some.
  • Been busy reading for and thinking about FWV
  • Reading Moral Relativity by Neil Levy – looks interesting
  • Got Something For Kate’s new CD Official Fiction – loving it.