Social investment

Jim Moore: Risk capital is also part of the second superpower solutionAttachments.

“Our overall take is that there are 6.3 billion people in the world –probably going to 9 billion over the next decade — and that our current world economy only works for about 500 million of us. Big problem. Big security problem. Big moral problem. Big happiness and lifestyle problem. Big ecological problem.

But also, big opportunity. If you (we) are an optimist about the creativity of our species, and of the cosmos, we are going to change our world order. The good things that have been learned in venture capital and startups are going to be a part of the change. For example, we know the enormous value of small amounts of risk capital combined with the energy of entrepreneurs and the collective wisdom of well-managed small teams — and all of this thriving in a business and social environment where all is permitted if not specifically prohibited, and where new entrants — new “species” of individuals and ideas are welcomed and celebrated.”

Amen to that! (more to come)