Apple launched version 1.0 of Safari the other day to little fanfare. (Questionable claims about the G5 speed were the order of the day).

I’ve downloaded it and been using it. I know I griped about the news when Apple first announced the development of their own browser, but I’m loving it. Fast, simple and rarely has a rendering problem with the sites I frequent. Very cool. Even supports the Macromanage website – almost – without changes, and our product runs fine as well (we “officially” support IE 6 PC, and Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 7.x and other Gecko flavours on Mac and PC) which is a bonus.

We’ll need to test some more to claim we support Safari, but I think it’s testament to Dave Hyatt and the team at Apple that they’ve done so much so quickly (yeh – they had a strong kick start with KHTML, but even so they deserve some kudos).