Patent madness (cont…)

Declan McCullagh of comments on Mailblock:

“But Goldman has a problem. He’s betting his company on the validity of the two patents, both of which are questionable because of other work that was published well before the filing dates of the Mailblocks patents.”

Busy, busy, busy

I’m suddenly remembering what it was like to have uni assignments due. I HATE DEADLINES! I’ve spent most of my life routing around the ubiquitous “drop dead deadline” (deadlines are good, that’s how you get things done, but the drop-dead ones do exactly that – leave me for dead), and now I’m stuck in the middle of 5 essays due in 3 weeks. Ugh!

Anyways, posting on this blog is probably going to be a little light as a result…

Good at the top

Jeremy Zawodny comments on executive salaries. [via Scripting News]

“Must be nice. Pulling down roughly half a million dollar is base salary and at least as much in an annual bonus. Why does a guy making that much cash need help paying for a house?”

Powerpoint dangers

Scot Rosenberg: Tufte vs. PowerPoint.

Interesting… Haven’t read the booklet yet (will do), and the quote from it looks pretty dense. But unpacking it I think he has a point. I think…

Will read and decide later.

New FCC rules

NY Times: “The US government proposed the most significant overhaul of its media ownership rules in a generation today.” (requires registration) [via Scripting News]

Michael J. Copps, one of the two Democrat members of the FCC, said “It’s hard to imagine how the proposals foster the goals of the rules, which are diversity of voices, localism and competition,”

It’s hard to disagree really…