The issue with CSS

Sjoerd Visscher respondes to Dave Winer’s concerns with CSS. [Via Scripting News]

I have to say that the only site that I’ve been truly successful with CSS is this one. The reason – it’s simple layout. But even that simple layout took some energy to work out – and the people at were the reason I was able to create a “pure” CSS design. I’ve been building websites since 1994, and been using CSS for close on 2 years now, and I still can’t get it to work properly across browsers in many instances. For example, how do I get the Login box on the Macromanage home page to align the way it does without resorting to tables?

Sometimes I’ll get the CSS working in one browser, just to see another browser choke on it. IE6.x and Mozilla 1.1+ seem to do a consistent job most of the time.

Sjoerd mentiones the -moz-flex element. YES, YES, YES. PLEASE! This, to me, is just one of those “why wasn’t it there since day one” kinda things.

Anyways, enough ranting…