A statue falls

Journalists Reveal Their True Colors.

Also, check out this wide angle view of the falling statue. Tells a very different story to that which we saw on TV don’t you think?

I said to a friend that I was very sceptical of the first reports of the fall of Baghdad, because what I saw on the BBC was at most a couple of hundred Iraqis in a protest in East Baghdad, and it was a short clip that was looped (I saw the loop point because I watched the footage for longer than a few minutes). I didn’t feel that this was significant enough to consider as the falling of a city that was home to millions of residents. My friend was adamant that this was truly the fall of Baghdad. As we have seen, although the U.S. has claimed victory, the struggle to gain control of Baghdad is far from over.

The Daily Telegraph followed the Sydney Morning Herald’s lead – no front page news of the war today. Does that mean it’s over?

I had a deep distrust of the media before this war, now I have a sickening disbelief of most of what is passed off as news.

[Via Barry]