Out of the hole…

Just reading more of Jonathon’s postings, and have to forward them on: You need a shovel not a slogan to dig yourself out of a hole.

My take on what Jonathon suggests is that we need is some alternative strategies, to re-engage with the political (and non-political) processes, and, although I don’t agree with all of his points (partly due to lack of knowledge), I concur wholeheartedly with his sentiments – the subleties of his argument perhaps.

It probably sounds shallow, but going back to uni has been driven by this need to re-engage, hell, to engage at all – to learn about the processes, to gain a deeper, albeit academic, perspective of the issues so that I can work with others to identify and articulate clearly alternatives to the neo-con world view.

I feel trapped because I am only at the beginning of that process, with only a limited (though rapidly increasing) understanding of politics and the histories that have brought us to where we are today.