7 Civilians Killed at Checkpoint

AP (via GoUpstate.com): U.S. Troops Kill at LEast 7 Civilians.

This is a horrible story. It shows just how effective the Saddam loyalists have been in making it near impossible for civilians to escape, or soldiers to surrender.

As much as a report of such an event upsets me on a gut level, I can’t blame the soldiers for this incident. It is not their fault that they are in this situation, they are doing their “duty”. The civilian “costs” were always going to be big, and yet Bush and Co kept driving forward anyway. Ultimately, the blood is on their hands…

  • One way to speak out against this war is to post at Faces For Peace. It’s an “online rally” where people are sharing their comments on the war and, if they wish, their names and photos as well. Part of the goal of the site is to put individual faces on this vast movement and to show that real people — lots of real people from all walks of life — oppose the war.

    Please pass the word along.


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