EchoDitto on the Pew blogging report

EchoDitto on the Pew Report on Bloggers.

The full report is on my reading list for when I travel to WA in a week’s time, but Terrence’s overview is very useful. I particularly like this pullquote:

But the numbers have to be combined with common sense. Blogging requires internet access (79% of bloggers surveyed have broadband), access to a PC, enough knowledge to use both, and enough leisure time to read and write blog posts; all of which usually requires a certain degree of education and economic privilege. Put all of that together and you get a clearer picture of who’s being “democratized” and whose voices are being empowered.


Climate change is the issue

Greg Bourne on ABC’s AM program:

If the Government were to convene an inquiry which was to look at how could we quickly reduce our emissions to 60 per cent below what we currently have by 2050, and how could we do that as expeditiously as possible, then I, and a number of others, I think, would jump at that inquiry.

But the Government has not been prepared to have that sort of inquiry. As I repeat, this is really an inquiry about the nuclear industry, and it’s about economics. It’s not about the environment.

The real issue, I repeat, is about climate change and the fact that we are just not doing enough about it.

Nuclear panel has trouble in fusion

The Age:

He says he took the call from Mr Campbell, had a brief discussion with the board of WWF International, told them he was declining, and then called Canberra back with his decision.

“I could see straight away this was an economic inquiry about wealth creation, not about addressing the problem of climate change,” he said.

Mr Bourne’s refusal to play ball has left the Government minus an environmentalist for its inquiry, and plus a group of experts who are already in the gun in some quarters because of alleged conflicts of interest or support for nuclear energy.

Green group’s pro-nuclear boss rejects role in ‘rubbish’ inquiry

The Australian:

Mr Bourne said he had been asked to join the taskforce about two hours before Mr Howard announced it on Tuesday. But once he had seen the terms of reference he advised his board the inquiry was “rubbish”.

“It’s an economic inquiry to see how much wealth can be created through uranium exports (and) nuclear power. It’s purely an economic inquiry,” he said.

‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in Oz

Oikos: ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ coming to Australia. David puts up some dates for Al Gore’s film on global warming. I can’t make the Saturday session (damn it!) but I’ll look forward to checking it out in September. (I have to ask the same question – why the four month delay?)

Update: There’s a session on Sunday as well which I can make. I hope it’s as good as everyone’s making it out to be (which means it probably won’t be, but we’ll see)…