Oikos: Costello on climate change: Back to the future?.

From the ABC, Costello says:

“I think the ground is changing. I think it is important that we bring new countries into this discussion. And I think, from Australia’s point of view, if the world starts moving towards a carbon trading system, we can’t be left out of that.”

David does more than just point out that the Kyoto Protocol in fact does include an emissions trading mechanism – he points to Alexander Downer telling us just that in 1998.

This at the same time as the so-called Environment Minister apparently claims Australia is recognised as a world leader on global warming (I heard that from someone in the office earlier today, but can’t find a reference)…

Do they take us for fools?

2 thoughts on “Flip-flopping?

  1. The liberal party really does look the fool and has lost a lot more “trust credits” than they have earned “carbon credits” on this issue in the last few weeks. I feel quite certain that this isn’t about the environment at all, it’s all about environmental liability, investment bank profits and coal company protection….i.e. money.

  2. Hi Grant,

    I’ve finally got around to registering on your site so I can now make comments! “So-called Environment Minister” is right!

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