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Oxfam financials

This is brave: Oxfam announce that they’ve found “financial irregularities in an Oxfam project office in Aceh”. Not only do they address the situation, but they announce it to the world. Brave, transparent steps that build brand trust. I wonder how many NGOs would be strong enough to do this? (And yes, I include my work in that equation…)

Biodiversity links

The Bartlett Diaries: Biodiversity & Deep Sea Trawling: Tuesday – (pt iii).

If you want to know a bit more about the Southwest Australia Ecoregion mentioned in Andrew’s post, check out the SW Australia Initiative website. WWF International calls biodiversity hotspots “Global 200 Ecoregions” (the SWA Ecoregion page has more).

WWF-Australia is doing a lot of work in this area, through the Threatened Species Network, Wetland Watch, Bush Brokers and Woodland Watch.

The (soon to be expanded) Woodland Watch and Bush Brokers programs are quite innovative in the way they approach conservation by engaging property owners and local communities.

Disclosure: For those that don’t already know, I work for WWF-Australia, managing their website (I felt this worth mentioning as my about page is currently broken).