Tiny MCE issues

Been having a few issues with the Tiny_MCE javascript HTML editor, so I thought I’d check to see what the latest version fixes. The version has incremented from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 – yet a review of the changelog indicates that there have been a number of interface changes since 2.0.2.

I don’t know about you, but I figure that if the interface changes in a way that will break code using a previous version, you indicate that this is more than a minor revision in the version number, say “2.1.0”, to suggest to a developer that something more than bug fixes and improvements has taken place. Anyways, I digress.

I’ve experienced a large number of issues with how the editor handles HTML, URLs (in inserted images or links) and other strangeness (lots of >p<&nbsp;>/p< being inserted in code, for example.

The result is that this editor, despite it’s early promise, is pretty much useless for anyone wanting to use it to produce reasonable markup for a CMS. Very disappointing. Looks like we’ll have to switch to Markdown or some form of wiki markup for our purposes.

I know that there are lots of problems with getting these kind of editors to work, especially across multiple browsers. I find it amazing that after all this time we still don’t have decent WYSIWYG editors for use on the web.

Perhaps browser developers should stop messing around with gee-whizzery (like canvas and SVG) just long enough to build a functional editor that produces standards-compliant markup – given that this is such a critical part of the “Web 2.0” experience. And while they’re at it, perhaps agreeing to some standard method of creating validating form controls would be nice too (I have seen that moves are afoot in this regard)…

Meaner society

I take all of these types of polls with a grain of salt, but… apparently the respondents to a recent poll (of 1,000 ppl) believe the country is “less fair”, but that Howard has managed the economy well.

Although the economy has been strong under Howard’s watch, one could argue that Howard has ridden a wave created by previous Labor governments, and that he is killing future economic growth through attacks on education and research and development (particularly in the alternative energy sector).

Interesting poll, nonetheless. Given Howard’s poll-driven nature, I wonder if we’ll see any changes in policy? Nah – probably not…

links for 2006-02-15


John Quiggin on the AWB saga (in part). On the Government’s ability “not to know” about the bribery:

Indeed, looking at the things they didn’t know, it’s testimony to their organisational ability that they could manage to know exactly what they needed not to know, without ever being told.

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Kiva update

I mentioned Kiva a little while back as an alternative to donating – instead you can take part in providing no-interest, flexible loans to businesses in developing countries. Microfinance for the masses.

I just got notice in my inbox that they now have a number of new businesses that you can lend to.

Later: Damn! All of the loans listed last night have been raised already. I didn’t even have a chance to make a contribution!

Update 16-Oct-2006: I’ve updated the links above to reflect the change in URLs for Kiva.