Operational separation

Telstra might be “furious” about this – but I think it is good news for consumers and the comms industry. I still disagree with losing public ownership – but this seems to me to be the best of a bad situation.

My view remains that the wholesale division should remain majority owned by the public. But that ain’t gonna happen, though. But by splitting the two divisions there is at least less risk that the dominant player cannot continue it’s uncompetitive practice of offering wholesale prices at a different rate to competitive retail operations.

It also means there’s some hope that the infrastructure issues will be more easily regulated. Of course, that’s all just my opinion. I welcome any other thoughts?

Good news for a change…

Some news that lifted my day. First, The Australian reports (although I can’t find a link) that WA has announced it will build a gas-fired power station instead of coal. This, one day before WWF releases its Clean Energy Future report for WA which calls on the government to do exactly that.

Second, The Courer Mail reports (another news.com.au site without a link to an article that appears in the print edition) that an index of socially responsible companies (not sure on the criteria) outperformed the All Ordinaries and ASX 300 Index over the past financial year. This is not new news, of course. Australian Ethical funds have been high performers for years now, but it’s still good to hear about it in the press.