3 thoughts on “This is…

  1. that blog is weird. if i went there to find my pictures i’d be very pissed off indeed. i hope the person never sees it. i got a new blog btw http://amyalisha.blogspot.com/ still working it out but i think it looks a bit better than my old one which is now very ad heavy.

  2. Yeh – my thoughts exactly!

    BTW – love the new blog – need to get you an RSS feed though! How are you finding “BloggerBot” for moblogging?

  3. hmm… i’m still getting my head around blogger. to send photos to it you use this thingo called ‘hello’, pretty basic program, i doubles as a chat program though, so the actual text entry part of it ain’t that great, as you could imagine. for example if you want to include a link, you have to send the entry then go and log into blogger to edit it. a bit tedious. haven’t tried sending entries from my mobile yet, i hope that works. still figuring it all out. but i think it’s worth it.

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