1/21 Project

[via Lance Knobel]

There are a lot of parallels between the US election and Australia’s, and not just the month. This article, although focussed on the US situation, equally applies here in Australia. Required reading for anyone wondering about “what’s next”, after Latham kicks Howard out of office (still hoping…).

Education vs. Guns

Oxfam: “According to UN estimates, $5.6 billion in additional donor funding a year would enable all children to go to school-the equivalent of just three days worth of global military spending.”

Saddam trial

I don’t know about you, but it hardly seems that a tribunal headed up by the nephew of the US enstated spokesman of the interim Iraqi council is going to be considered a fair and balanced trial in the eyes of Arab nations. There’s enough legitimate evidence to nail the mofo for countless crimes – the last thing we need is allegations of bias weakening the case. The silliness continues…

Josh Marshall comments on the announcement.