Feed Updates

Unfortunately the service that I had that created the OzPolFeeds stopped working for a couple of days. It’s now back up and running today, so the feeds are back to their usual active self. Sorry to anyone affected by this.

The Riot

I live in Sydney and was not aware of the riot that occurred in Redfern until yesterday afternoon. I have since had family members respond with phrases like “they were given that place and look at what they’ve done to it” and “no white person would do that”. And all this while trying to actually find out what went on amid media grabs and sound bites.
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Laughing along

Dan Cederholm: “Iíve just purchased a new 12î PowerBook. And tomorrow, you all can laugh with me. You do know whatís going to happen tomorrow, donít you?”

Yeh – exactly what happened to me! Four days after I bought my PowerBook 12″ Apple released the new 1GHz models with more RAM for AUD$200 less than what I paid. For a moment I was really pissed, but after the initial shock I realised that I am still only using a fraction of my PowerBook’s capacity, and I am completely and utterly happy with my purchase.

Webmonkey shutting down

Webmonkey is shutting down [via Paul Boutin via Scripting News]

This is a real shame. When I was first getting back into web, after a foray into CD-ROM development, Webmonkey was an invaluable resource for me, and really helped make my current career possible. I still point people to articles on Webmonkey today, even though some of the content is dated, there are still some gems amongst them.

It’s a shame to lose such a valuable resource for learning the web.