Terror “trials”

Trials of the ‘war on terror’:

“Of course, by legal standards, the trials are a disgrace. The men are being held in legal limbo, outside the protections of both US civil courts and the Geneva Convention, and have still not been formally charged. In their trial, military officers will act as judge, jury and persecution; the trial will be conducted in secrecy with permissive rules of evidence; and they could receive the death sentence.”

Creative week

This week is a creative week. I’m in the process of designing two websites and a product logo. And on the weekend I head into the studio with my band to record at least three (but hopefully four) tracks.

Way cool. I’ve also started putting together some ideas for an artwork. This is a new experience for me – I’ve not done art ever before in my life, but for some reason, with a little prompting from friends, an idea has generated, and I hope to be able to actually finish it over the next few months.

Strange, but excellent all the same…


Brendan O’Neill: Only dopes get duped.

“Opposition politicians’ retrospective focus on the evidence – apparently so powerful that it duped them into ditching their principles and supporting the war – is a cover for their own cowardice over Iraq.”

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Refugee family (cont…)

Great news – the family I mentioned in my last post have received enough donations to make it to New Zealand. YAY!

From the Refugee Claimants Support Centre:

“With the help of your generous donations we were able to help a desperate asylum seeking family to purchase tickets to leave Australia and seek the help of the New Zealand government. THANK you all for your compassionate
and fast response. We will be sending out receipts to all donors shortly. The family has asked us to let you know that they are so very grateful for your help.”

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Refugee Family

I received an email from the Refugee Claimants Support Centre:

“An asylum seeking family with five young children originating from the South Pacific is seeking help from the community. … The Minister for Immigration has offered a visa to the father and four of the children … [but] decided not to offer a visa to the mother and … daughter.”

Apparently New Zealand is willing to take in the entire family, and they have until July 10 to raise $1,200 to pay for the flight. When I spoke to the centre yesterday afternoon they still had $900 to go!

Please consider giving a donation (doesn’t matter how small) to help this family to find a compassionate home. Contact the RCSC on (07) 3357 9013 and be sure to mention that you want the money to specifically go to this family.

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Online Politics

Jim Moore comments on MoveOn.org and Howard Dean: “Presidential campaigns are won on chump change, compared to other more scaleable economic endeavors in our society, such as Hollywood movies. With the web, scale has now come to political contributing.”

In another article he comments: “This is the power of grassroots campaigning plus the web.”

I know nothing of Dean’s or MoveOn.org’s politics, but it is an interesting development.